Taming Your WIPs and Stash

Julia Snyder was here last week teaching Embellishment classes, which is always wonderful.

One of Julia's students, Gail, explained that she has a 3-2-1 rule for starting and finishing canvases. Here is the Rule:  finish 3 canvases, start 1--finish 2 canvases, start 1--finish 1 canvas, start 1. And repeat. Gail's rule inspired me to pick up an Easter bunny to finish stitching. I do think I am going to have to start with finish 6, start 1, however....

Ready, set, finish!



Outlining a canvas shape

If the canvas you are stitching has a shape drawn on it--say a rectangle, square or round, you can just go with the artist's shape. For the Christmas tree canvas I am working on I need to "draw" my own shape. I don't want all that blank space at the top of the tree. I started with drawing straight vertical lines on either side of the tree, about halfway up. This shape is made more challenging because the star at the top is not centered. 

I couldn't find my new favorite for drawing on canvas--a ceramic pencil that will not rub off on thread but can be erased! So I drew the straight lines with my second favorite canvas marker, the micron pen. It is acid free and is suitable for archival pieces. Unfortunately, mistakes must be painted out.

To shape the edges above the straight lines, I took random scraps of Vineyard Silk Classic and tacked them in places. The resulting shape can be manipulated as you go. And of course, I am counting on my finisher to make the final shape choice.  

Beading Tips

Beading--you love it or you hate it. And to make things confusing, there are a number of ideas about techniques, needles and beading thread. For beading thread I may use clear beading thread, silk treated with beeswax, Nymo or C-lon beading thread. For this project I used mostly clear beading thread.

Needles are also a matter of personal preference. When I first started adding beads to my needlepoint I only knew of the long needles. These tend to bend into a curved shape and can result in bad language, but they do have a job to do when you are beading straight lines.

My favorite needles are the Bohin size 10, but many stitchers prefer a size 28 Tapestry needle.

So, here in photos, are how long needles can give a much better result for straight bead lines.







New canvases arriving daily!

I loved so many things at the Winter Market in San Jose CA that I picked many, many new canvases.

Here on the island the azaleas and camellias are blooming and spring is definitely underway.

Here are 5 new Easter egg canvases from Kelly Clark. Aren't they adorable?

5 eggs by kc.JPG

You can see them on our New page and our Easter page.


We will be posting new canvases as they arrive-stay tuned!

First few stitches...

I am having so much fun with this Raymond Crawford tree.

I have pretty much decided on stitches for each ornament and I have pulled several different threads in each color to play with.

I tend to look at/think about a project before I pick up a needle. For a bit I was stalled as I thought about which ornament should have sequins, beads, crystals or all of the above. I had a Eureka! moment when I decided to stitch the foundation stitches and then decide what embellishments to add where.

Favorite things so far--basket stitched with Straw Silk and the center of the blue ornament stitched with Kreinik Braid size 8 in 9032.

My post-inventory reward--two days to finalize my stitches.

The Meredith Collection

We are so excited about April happenings in the shop--not only do we have The Meredith Collection trunk show all month, but Meredith will be teaching embellishment classes here for 3 days.

This is a custom variation on Meredith's Thanksgiving doors.  My version will say "Welcome".  We want to be able to show off the finished canvas all fall, y'all.  Let us customize a fall door canvas for you!

New Canvas from Melissa Prince

This seaside wreath by Melissa Prince just arrived at the shop.  I will be writing a stitch guide for this beautiful canvas.  The piping plover in the center of the wreath doesn't have 4 legs--the momma shelters her chicks. 

I'm looking forward to beading, stumpwork, textured stitches, raised stitches and more as I have fun with this stitch guide.

Mesh 18 count    Size 14 x 14

Mesh 18 count    Size 14 x 14

Little Gifts

I just had a lot of fun putting magnets on the website--there is a new category called Books, DVDs and Gadgets.  Magnets are the first category I added because some of us (like me) haven't finished our holiday shopping.  Until I opened the shop on Amelia Island, I hadn't imagined that you can match your magnets to your project or your mood.  I learn so many things from my customers and friends!

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

It's taken a couple of years to get here, but I am finally ready to start stitching Christmas stockings again.  That's a good thing because I am now 4 stockings behind.  This if for Elliot, Grant's middle brother.  Still to come, one for Adam, William and Karyn.  This stocking is by Susan Roberts and is on 13 count canvas. 


Trunk Show Baskets and Hinged Boxes

I just finished putting the baskets and hinged boxes from Julia's trunk show up.
They are so much fun--just like the nutcrackers they are fun to collect.

As always, trunk shows are 20% off.  Enter the code HOLIDAY2015, or if you forget, we will take the 20% when we fill the order.

Some of favorites:

Nutcrackers will appear soon!

Hinged boxes

These hinged boxes by Julia's Needleworks just came back from the finisher.  My photography doesn't do them justice.

They are the perfect inspiration for the coming trunk show of hinged boxes and nutcrackers.


This Mermaid flag from The Collection just arrived.  It's a perfect canvas for a beach house (or dreaming of a beach house), the 4th of July or any room with red, white or blue colors.

My first thought was that her tail and top would be perfect stitched with red sequins and beads.  Muhahaha!!!  (evil laugh)