Julia's Needleworks

These are some of the many designs of Julia and the other fine artists they distribute. All canvases are expertly and individually handpainted to create the starting point for your own stitching artistry. You can see her entire line on Julia's website.

We have so many new canvases from Julia we have added two full pages just for new items!

Grand Hotel Mackinac Island
Easter house
Lady's closet 1
Woman’s Closet II 13M/18M - 14x14
Large Poppy Vase
Leaves 7104
Rooster 7105Orange cat 7120
Black & White Cat 7119
Daffodil 7115
Anemone 7114
Fuchsia 7113
Magnolia 7111
U of Florida Gators belt
Wizard of Oz Limoges box
Happy snowmen Limoges box
Cabana brick cover
Frog, gecko turtle brick cover
Provence Limoges box (round)
Cherries on white background
Black cat & china box
Welcome Aboard
Tiki bar Limoges box
Halloween house with hinge
Cabana with lid and hinge
Ice cream shoppe with lid and hinge
Floral brick cover
Santa box with lid and hinge
Christmas house w/lid
4th of July House w/lid
Victorian Limoges Box & Hinge
Hat Shoppe w/lid
Thanksgiving Limoges box
Christmas tree w/candies
Christmas tree w/presents
Bear & tree
Witch Limoges Box
Black cat nutcracker
Gazebo Limoges box
Tooth fairy pillows2012 Trunk Show
Julia at ANG 2012Blue Art Nouveau
Peter Ashe 2012 Trunk Show
Marcy trunk showRonda Ahrens CollectionMarcy Collection
Large tropicals on 13mAGA CollectionJulia's brick covers
Julia's Limoges BoxesLuggage strapsJulia's Frames
Julia's BeltsSigns & SayingsLong frogs 127
Colorful moosePuffins 101Tuscan scene 251
Tuscan landscape 252Cat on railingWings 140
Christmas catPlum & pumpkin marketChunga
Princess & pea chartMulti Santa pillow

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